Facebook began testing emoticons in status updates

Facebook users can go beyond simply update their status and begin to speak with emoticons in a new update.

Facebook yesterday, implemented what he called "a really small test" through its website and mobile application that allows users to express their feelings at a time with emoticons.

TechCrunch was the first to report on the function.

Facebook CNET supplied with screenshots of the emoticon feature in action. When users access their status update box, they find a new question asking what they "do". The choice that a lot of the main options will be displayed as "feeling", "look", "read", "drink", or "eat". When choosing one of these options, they can drill down further to provide more details. For example, if they feel happy, they choose this option after selecting "feeling."

For now, Facebook has remained tight-lipped about the function, told CNET that "this is really a first test really small." Spokesman of the company would not say when, or even if the function is set work across the network at a given time in the future.
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