Nvidia: Here's how we built our player Shield

Nvidia Shield project was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) a few weeks ago - and now the chip maker has offered a glimpse of what it takes to ensure that the portable game console was ready in time .

Gaming device chipmaker Nvidia Shield comes with a quad-core Tegra 4 processor offers between five and 10 hours of play, and is less than one controller Wii U. Able to connect to the cloud for a user to access TegraZone Android games - PC games as well as compatible GeForce graphics cards - once it hits the market, Shield potentially allow users to access thousands of game titles. Still a prototype, the heralds of devices based on Android games shift to processors from Nvidia purely consumer equipment - a process detailed in an article on the blog of Nvidia.

According to Nvidia, the first prototype was assembled in 2012, which was more than a "game controller attached to a smartphone with the wood." On this basis, Nvidia internal team refined and shaped the small controller before installing the processor and the Android software.

It was important to shield stand out from the crowd, and so the open platform Android seems the best bet to keep the ecosystem game to become restrictive, and give the ability to play thousands of songs. Engineer said: "The challenge in the past - with consoles old model - is a software, but thanks to Android, we do not need to come to try to build a walled garden ecosystem." However, the depth The secret project has been hampered by a lack of time. To try to announce the device at CES, the engineering teams were transported from Texas and China to try to keep the project - run by Andrew Bell - schedule.

In a configuration cloak and sword, shield parts were hand delivered partners from Austria, Taiwan and China.

In December, two prototypes were completed, "painful" notwithstanding defects. With 19 days remaining, the team began to live on a diet of fried chicken and pressure, test the Tegra mobile processor 4, welding, and working long hours to try to finish a product that would impress the public CES.

They succeeded, of course, and I hope it will not be too long before we can have a game on some units. Take a look at the blog post for the full article.
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