Exhibits Foursquare check-in with starry map

Foursquare shows its 500 million last check-in with an interactive map that looks more like a galaxy of groups of people who arrive in their favorite places.

Map plots all check-ins - which are so complete in some areas, it looks like a map of the limits - the last three months of bright spots on a black background. You can zoom in for a closer look, but most of the activity is in the United States and the United Kingdom

With the card, Foursquare highlights Foursquare Explore ramp up its recommender system in his blog.

"What makes Foursquare Explore so powerful is that all check-ins that you see are not only simple points - they are the links between all the places other people were, too," the blog reads .

Foursquare Explore wants you to use as a way to get recommendations on companies. The company said it uses check-in to understand what areas you can check based on people who have registered in similar locations, as well as drawing from your friends' check-ins.It also share its working tools and "thousands" of businesses that use Foursquare within their applications: Instagram, Bing, Flickr, Quora, Path, soundtracking, Evernote, and Garmin.

"More than 100 million people a month see Foursquare location information with our partners," according to the blog.

Note that Foursquare does not mention Facebook, which launched its graphic research - a feature that allows Facebook users to find business recommendations, among others - this week....
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