Microsoft brags: Bing is better looking Facebook

Two days after the limited beta of Facebook Graph Search, the search engine Bing Microsoft has provided people with a more accessible and easier to see the status updates of their Facebook friends.

Thursday, the number two search engine announced that it has expanded its ability to display updates Facebook status and other information of friends in his social sidebar. Microsoft somewhat inconsistent states that "[f] ive times more Facebook friends is now available on Bing," although it is not quite clear what this means.

Sidebar social area right which displays documents relating to matters of social networks like Twitter, Foursquare and Klout. The bar has been enhanced to return status updates, shared links, and comments from Facebook friends on your search. The bar also emphasizes photos of your Facebook friends with details.

"Initially, Bing only pulled data from Facebook friends on a query based on what they like," and their Facebook profile information like where they live, work and went to school " Bing company vice president Derrick Connell told CNET. "Now, Bing extracts the content, including status updates, links, shared photos they shared, and comments on a query. All these new signals add up to about five times more information can be indexed by Bing user. "

To chart new place Search Facebook for more people and begins to return status updates - the product is limited to photos, places, people and interests - search engine Bing might be the best way navigate through the posts of your Facebook friends old. Seems a little backwards, does not it? Additional equipment Facebook Bing also corrects a gap at the start of sidebar social. When Microsoft launched the bar in May, the focus was on the connection to potential researchers 'experts' from your friends who could help answer a query. The intention of connecting to experts is always a part of the experience sidebar, but it is more involved than that expressed today. Bing seems to have finally acknowledged the obvious: watch is better than saying.

Adding more content Facebook can do well with Bing more attractive to some researchers, who might find updates a compelling reason to pick it up on Google.
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