Dell could increase its offer to take 10 percent to $ 15 per share?

Dell plans to go private have not met all of its shareholders, but investment bank Jefferies believes that the PC manufacturer could win with a sweet offer.

The company says it is likely that Dell founder and CEO Michael Dell and his partner Silver Lake, a private equity firm, take Dell offers rise nearly 10 percent to $ 15 per share to "satisfy shareholders restless. "" Our conversations with investors lead us to believe that most people want an offer raised, but they are also aware of the lack of competing bidders and secular headwinds that Dell PC business, "analyst Peter Misek Jefferies has said today in a note to clients.

It is estimated that about one fifth of shareholders Dell recently bought shares with an expectation of a higher bid than the current 13.65 per share. But Misek believes anything above $ 17 is unlikely.

"Overall, we expect quite be satisfied with an offer of $ 15 to get the agreement approved," he said.

Dell declined to comment.

Dell has confirmed last week indicates that it was taken private for $ 24.4 billion. Michael Dell, who owns about 14 percent of the shares of Dell, has teamed up with Silver Lake to acquire the company. Microsoft is also kicking in a loan of $ 2 billion.

Dell's shares have soared since details first appearance on a possible agreement. The offering price of $ 13.65 per share represents a premium of 25 per cent compared to the closing price of $ 10.88 the company on January 11, the last day before Bloomberg first reported a potential deal. This morning, the shares were trading slightly above the offer price, half a percent to $ 13.78.

Dell has faced criticism shareholder since he made his bid. Largest shareholder of the company outside, Southeastern Asset Management, said last week that he opposes plan because your private deal "grossly underestimates the company." Other reports have suggested that the South is not the only one, with several other major shareholders Dell opposing the bid price.

Today southeastern said in a regulatory filing that it has hired DF King & Co., a firm of Proxy "to provide some advice and related services." The company probably hopes DF King will help combat the transaction and get a better price for shareholders.

Dell, for its part, noted in an SEC filing yesterday that explored all options and determined will be deprived of his best bet. This is designed to give the company time to understand his next move beyond the control of the shareholders.

Dell, which has long been one of the world's largest manufacturers of PCs, has struggled lately. Before the operation, the shares lost about a third of its value over the past year, as it shifted the emphasis away from its traditional computing market to provide products companies in areas such as networking and storage. He has made numerous acquisitions in recent years and said he will continue to do so. However, there are concerns about the speed with which companies are taking off.

The company said it remains committed to the PC market. But his rival Dell and Hewlett-Packard have struggled to compete with up-and-coming Asian rivals like Lenovo and Asus. Lenovo surpassed Dell in late 2011 to become the second largest supplier of PC....
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